Blue Star Celestial Energy


is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man, the Rainbow Bridge, enabling the adept to utilize this potential and to function at expanded levels of awareness.


Blue Star attunements can further open the physical & ethereal body (chakras).

We are trained in Reiki to channel Universal Life Force Energy through the hands.

With Blue Star the energy also emanates from the heart and the third eye.




The Teachings of Blue Star Reiki Level One


Level 1 symbols, their sounds and meanings, are taught together with the

Mer-ka-ba teachings and breathing techniques. Rainbow Bridge / Chakra

concepts are discussed. The triangulization process is introduced,

as well as, the Meditation for meeting your inter-galactic council.

You become attuned with the passing of the Blue Star Level One attunement.

Includes: Level One attunement, Manual & Certificate

(recommended (not required) pre-requisite Reiki Level 2)




The Teachings of Blue Star Level Two


The Blue Star Level Two experience includes the Level 2 symbols, their sounds

and meanings. Continued advanced discussion of Rainbow Bridge

and advanced Mer-Ka-Ba concepts.

Extensive focus of teaching others Blue Star and the passing of attunements.

Includes: Level Two attunement, Manual & Certificate

(recommended (not required) pre-requisite Reiki Level Master)



Blue Star Celestial Energy 念s-Mo-Ro-Pup, the developmental

Manifestation of Truth and Light, was channeled by

Reiki Master John Williams, from the subtle planes,

through his guide the prophet Makuan during January, 1995.

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